Mario conde aloe vera

Mario conde aloe vera

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The companies discovered so far have no real activity in their relationship with Conde. What is the role of the aloe vera company?Mario Conde bought the missing part of the company Hogar y Cosmética, whose headquarters in Torrejón was registered yesterday, with part of the money he repatriated. It is dedicated to the commercialization of aloe vera. The whole family is on the board of directors. What has been found in the searches?the UCO has found cash in most of the eight searches (seven in Madrid) but «not in significant amounts».what crimes are attributed to him?money laundering, criminal organization, frustration of the execution and

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The company explains that it carries out its activity through two industrial facilities, one in Estepona (Málaga) where «it has a plant for the extraction and stabilization of aloe juice» and another in Torrejón de Ardoz, «where it distributes the cleaning and cosmetic products that it commercializes». Its shareholders’ equity totals 1.6 million euros, including 1.4 million euros of registered capital and 1 million euros of reserves. Although diminished by 864,000 euros of accumulated losses.

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To strengthen the new financial empire of cosmetics, Mario Conde has just acquired some aloe vera plantations in the Canary Islands, about seven hectares of land. He has bought several farms in the south of Tenerife (Arona and Adeje) and in Fuerteventura. All this in order to harvest aloe vera and make cosmetic products from this medicinal plant. Conde’s idea is to continue buying farms in the Canary Archipelago to obtain the raw material that will allow him to develop his business of cosmetics and other products obtained from the Canary aloe. As a partner in this adventure he has the Canary Islands company Homcare Canarias SA, located in the industrial park of Telde, near the capital of the Canary Islands.
But his new business and his new speculative boom do not end here. He is immersed in business projects in the world of oil (his brand is Los Carrizos), in the parapharmacy sector, construction materials, publishing and real estate.

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In the end you go through a life that is lucky because people go through a monotonous life full of inertias and it is what it is practically from the moment they are born until they die. I have been lucky enough to be many things and that means that I am none of those things. When I have been a prisoner I have been a prisoner, when I have been a banker I have been a banker, a businessman? So, when you have so many disguises hanging in your closet, in the end you see yourself naked and you say: who am I now? And you turn your job into a disguise, but you don’t realize yourself in anything. Are you a banker? I have worked as a banker. Are you a prisoner? I have been a prisoner. Who are you? I am a guy who has been lucky enough to live a very special life.

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