Comprar aloe vera mercadona

Comprar aloe vera mercadona

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Surely you know aloe vera, a plant also known as aloe vera. You probably also know that it is a plant with a multitude of benefits and different properties that help health.
Aloe vera is especially interesting to treat all kinds of burns. From mild first or even second degree burns to sunburn. It has been observed how using this plant in healing burns heal much faster than with other substances.
As with sunburn, aloe vera gel is especially interesting for treating skin blemishes that arise due to depigmenting processes or sunburn.
It is also believed that aloe vera is the ideal treatment against acne. Any soap or cream that includes this plant will be very interesting, although the gel directly extracted from aloe vera can also be used. This is because it is a plant that serves to control the level of oil in the skin.

Comprar aloe vera mercadona 2022

So much so, that cosmetics and makeup companies have not been able to ignore the changes that are occurring in the lifestyle habits of their consumers and it is no longer rare to find complete collections suitable for vegans, very obvious specifications that some brands do not test on animals (the term used is ‘Cruelty Free’) and an INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) increasingly complete and visible on their packaging.
The Aloe vera used by Atlantia, from the Canary Islands, is «organically grown», a designation granted by the C.R.A.E. (Consejo Regulador de Agricultura Ecológica). This Aloe vera is 100% organic, not transgenic, and no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides have been used in its cultivation.
Aloe vera (Aloe Barbadensis) is a very popular medicinal plant for its therapeutic properties (treatment for skin wounds, purifying effect, promotes the regeneration of internal tissues, analgesic effect, protects the immune system, has anti-inflammatory action, …) and the gel contains most of the bioactive compounds of the plant: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants.

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I get pissed off enough when a brand claims to be natural and it is not (for example Korres), imagine when on a bottle of aloe vera from Mercadona I read «100% natural» and when I read the INCI I discover the cake. What a shamelessness.
I have seen this nonsense with aloe vera not only in Mercadona, but also in a pharmacy. The Veraderm ioox brand says «100% aloe vera» on the bottle, but it is not. It has more ingredients besides aloe, some natural and others that are not.
But let’s get to the case at hand: Mercadona’s aloe vera. Neither of the two sold are 100% aloe vera (why doesn’t the OCU denounce these things instead of blowing up a Lidl cream that is not very anti-wrinkle? Here).
The consumer understands that it is 100% natural aloe vera gel. But no: the product is a gel made with several ingredients including aloe vera. And this ingredient, this ingredient alone, is 100% natural. But from there to the gel being completely natural, there is a long way to go.

Pure aloe vera

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